The corona virus, crisis for some, opportunity for others
The rapid spread of corona virus from the Chinese city of Wuhan to dozens of countries has caused widespread global panic and sent shock waves across the Chinese stock market. But where some see uncertainty, others see opportunities.

China has carried out a multiple defense against the new corona virus. As they struggle to contain their spread and treat the growing number of infected… Chinese authorities have also mobilized to protect the economy and strengthen business.

“We are observing and monitoring the situation very carefully. We are very pleased that the Chinese authorities have taken all possible precautions. They have acted very quickly,” Dome news Dominic Inferring, chief investment officer at Invested Asset Management, explains.

IMF director Kristina Georgina agrees: “The most likely scenario we shuffle is a V-shaped impact in which there is a substantial drop in economic activity and then a rapid and effective rebound.”

Among a number of measures, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) injected billions of euros of liquidity into the markets in mid-February. A measure that was well received by investors and the International Monetary Fund. “In economic terms, what China has done is very welcome. First, it injected liquidity: it boosted $115 billion of liquidity, it has cut interest rates properly, the director explains.

“But history will tell you that these are the best times to invest
Dominic Inferring
Chief Investment Officer of Investec Asset Management”If you invest in the markets at any given time you will have to face a crisis that will affect the market and the volatility that entails. But history will tell you that these are the best times to invest, with opportunities like this. And the Chinese market presents a wonderful long-term investment opportunity,” Concludes Ferrini.

But Chinese authorities also faced criticism of travel bans and city closures. Several government critics have been silenced or arrested. But large multinationals, including L’Oreal and Toyota Boshoku, quickly reopened their plants in a sign of confidence with the way China is dealing with the crisis.

Zhuang Zhiqiang is the deputy CEO of Toyota Boshoku in China: “All of our employees in Shanghai are active to get back to work. In addition, most of our 50 Japanese workers are in Shanghai. We believe we must spend this difficult time with China together.”

While companies operating in China are willing to build confidence despite obvious challenges, the World Health Organization’s message is clear: crises like this must generate “solidarity, not stigmas.”

A step into the future at Arab Health 2020
Unprecedented transformation is taking place in the health sector driven by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Almost all operations, from surgical to administrative, improve in results… Euronews updated with some of Arab Health 2020’s greatest hits here in Dubai to find out more. 55,000 attendees from 159 countries landed in Dubai this January to attend the 2020 Arab Health mega-conference.

“Arab Health is one of the three most important meetings in the world. People from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and Eastern Europe meet here,” says Elie Chaillot, president and CEO of General Electric Healthcare’s Estern Growth Markets.

“Here you will find the latest technology and all the equipment you can dream of… classes, education, samples,” agrees Sherif Beshara, CEO of the American Hospital group in Dubai.

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips… has the potential not only to save lives… also, time, money and resources. “The investment injected by Artificial Intelligence worldwide right now is $6.6 billion. By 2026, it will achieve an annual saving of 150 billion a year,” Beshara continues.