Project G.G. According to studio manager Hideki Kamiya, Project G.G, was announced officially by platinum games. It is the first fully-owned Platinum Games project, and while the company says it is in line with the popularity of the action genre in the business, the design is also broader.

In an interview with IGN Japano, Kamiya said that we named him as part of the Hideki Kamiya Hero Trio. “Viewtiful Joe, a single hero novel, is the first two titles and The Fantastic 101, which is a hero party past. The next sort of hero in Japan would be the giant hero and I always wanted to play that version.

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“Every game which I do will definitely contain deliberately designed action elements, but this will not merely be an action game, it will be so much more than that.” “While the Viewtiful Joe and The Wunderful 101, though, will not be mere action games.

The giant hero and the theme kaiju or tokusatsu were best known from shows such as power rangers in the west. But while Kamiya claims that his genre, Project G.G., influenced him. It’s not an easy adjustment.

The giant hero stories in Japan are common with items such as Ultraman; and the game is going to have such a taste easily get in ocean of games, but I don’t want to limit myself to Japanese superhero genres, “says Kamiya. “Therefore the atmosphere is presumably not Japan, since it could be oppressive. Though, I haven’t picked exactly.

For Project G.G., little else is understood. Apart from the way Platinum wants to continue on any established device. “We would like to visit PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam essentially, and then we will of course be able to hit PS5 and Series X. We don’t know when it will come out, but we’d like to put it on any of the main platforms, “said Platinum CEO Atsushi Inaba.

Project G.G

There’s no concrete release date at this point, but Inaba explains that there’s a general window the studio expects to be able to release it within:

“We’re not aiming at anything for as long as three years, put it this way. It won’t be either half a year or a year longer. We want to do it as early as we can as our first self-owned and self-published title.”

Kamiya, though, makes it clear that he would rather do a good game over a timely one: “Oh, I don’t want to release games soon! My only dream is to bring good games.