Jack Lalanne Juicer – The Power Juicer Elite is one of the more expensive models you will find if you were to purchase a Jack Lalanne juicer. Despite being more expensive, it still comes with the same quality components that you will find with other cheaper Jack Lalanne models. Features such as surgical grade stainless steel blade, non-drip spout, and a high-performance centrifugal motor all come standard. You will also certainly love the professional stainless steel finish on the outside of this elite model.

How to Be A Pro In Using the Power Juicer Elite With These Three Tips
How to Be A Pro In Using the Power Juicer Elite With These Three Tips

Jack Lalanne Juicer – Now that you have purchased it, do you know how to make full use of this juicer? Many complain that the Power Juicer Elite is a bit too finicky to operate. But in fact, the real reason is that users don’t know how to get the best results from it. Below are some useful tips to follow while operating the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Elite.

Choice of Fruits

Although the Power Juicer Elite can handle almost all types of juicers, there are specific rules to follow here. The first is not to use fruits that are too ripe. Overripe fruits can reduce the juice quantity and can clog the filters. Choose fruits that are just ripe and not too soft. The Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Elite is not designed to handle fruits that are too ripe.

The second thing to remember here is that you should not use the juicer to juice avocados or bananas. You are better off using a more expensive juice like the Omega Masticating juicer. This Power Juice Elite is not designed to juice fruits that have low water or juice content. Doing so will clog the machine, and you will spend a long time cleaning the filter. The third thing to note here is that if you have fruits that have large pits like mangoes, you need to remove the pits; otherwise, you might run the risk of damaging the blade.

Fruit Sizing Tips

You might think that the Power Juicer Elite can handle fruits of all sizes since it has an extra-large feeding chute. Users who have tried to juice fruits that are too big will find that the machine jams up. Despite being fitted with a generous feeding chute size, you are not supposed to use fruits that are too large. Make sure that the size of your grains can fit nicely through the feeding chute. If you are forcing them through, then it is too big. Cut them to smaller pieces before feeding them through the machine. However, if your fruit sizes are too small, it will not yield a right amount of juice either. Try to feed fruits that will fit between 50-90% of the feeding chute entry size. If your fruit size is too small, then try adding 2 or 3 more equal sized fruits before juicing them.

Best Results For Herbs and Vege Juicing

Jack Lalanne Power Juicers are not designed to specifically juice vegetables or herbs. Even this Elite model cannot handle it. You will get much better results with triturating or Best masticating juicers.

However, if you are still keen on doing this, you will need to remember a few things. The first is leafy vegetables or herbs will need to be wrapped in some other more giant vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower. Juicing leaf veggies or herbs alone will produce very little or no juice at all. Worse, you may even clog the filter. The next thing you will need to do is to combine them with a fruit of your choice, like say an orange. After combining all three of them, you are ready to start juicing.

I hope these three tips can be of some use when you are operating the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Elite. If you have any problems working it, call their customer service or read the product manual.