Summer is here, and with it, the heat… And by putting the two together, the desire to enjoy sessions with our friends grow. This is what we are going to focus on today, to offer you some tips so that your “shisha rats” are the best you have ever lived, and for this, it is essential that you know what are the essential accessories to smoke the best pot this summer so that you do not miss absolutely anything.

How to equip us this summer with the best shishas accessories

You may have a beautiful briefcase filled with natural coals, a stove (gas or electric), your complete hookah, its hose, a quality bowl and heat manager, and a good range of tobacco flavors from your favorite brands.

Well, whatever time of year it is, you already have what you need to share your shisha with whoever you want. But, with the summer come the holidays, we have more hours of sun, we like to go to the pool or the beach, have a nice night in the park… and we all like to make the most of it to relax.

It is true that in winter, hookah sessions also offer us other advantages, and it rewards us in another way. But summer nights have a “I don’t know. You can also use vape equipments instead of smoking.

what, what do I know…”What we want to tell you with this is that summer causes us to take our slug, and throw ourselves into the street with it, for longer. And to do this, we must be perfectly equipped, not only for transport but for fresh and durable smoking.

  • Cold Smoke Volcano
  • Al mani Camping
  • Natural Coal