Why hotstar is the best option?



Hotstar is a social entertainment website that provides us to watch best Indian movies and serials for free or premium.

Hotstar is the best option because it has 10,000 hours of contents, drama and movies in Hindi and 17 other languages, and coverage of every major global sports and news channels.

From other social entertainment sites, Hotstar provides a video quality option. Hotstar, with its Premium membership, provides some of the best western shows and movies like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, American Crime Story, and many more. Hotstar offers countless free shows and motion pictures so you can watch most of the movies and serials for free.

Hotstar US:

In the US, you can get Hotstar at just $49.99 annually. But with Hotstar us promo code: BIG40, you will get a 10% discount, and Two people can use the same Hotstar account at the same time in the US.

At this amazing price, you will be able to watch sports, news, movies, or serials. Don’t you think its amazing to buy this? In fact, at this time, many movies and serial releases on Hotstar only.

Hotstar contents:

Coming to Bollywood and Regional films with Indian TV shows and movies, Hotstar offers the most stretched out assortment as far as Indian content goes. Hotstar even offers live streaming of Cricket and other sports exclusively online, which makes Hotstar a hot most loved among all other competitors.


How to avail Hotstar US Deals

Want to know about Hotstar? Here we will provide you some details through which you will get to know what makes Hotstar unique compared to its competitors.

Hotstar App is a video-on-demand streaming service that is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited. Novi Digital is an owned subsidiary of Star India. It is currently available in India, USA, UK, and Canada.

If you are in a US country, then you can take a 10% discount and many other free offers for Hotstar us deal.

Upcoming IPL2020 will be held in Dubai instead of India, which many local service providers won’t be able to provide live streaming. Hotstar, as usual, will be providing full live streaming of the whole Tournament from its opening ceremony to the closing ceremony.

Hotstar is not only providing National content, but also, they have International content, including popular series like Game of Thrones, Money Heist, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Ozark, and much more.

It provides a lot of popular Indian TV serials from the past that many of you still want to watch. These TV serials include KasamTerePyaar Ki, Naagin, Yeh MohMohKeDhaage, Nach Baliye, etc.

Hotstar does provide a lot of live streaming sports and news channels. You can even replay those live videos. There are a lot of live sports that you can watch on Hotstar App, including Cricket, Pro Kabaddi, and Hockey.

How to download Hotstar App in the US

HotStar App is very easy to install on your devices. There is no complication for its Installation. You do not require any License Key to install Hotstar.

First you need to signup Hotstar by using Hotstar promo codeand then proceed for App installation.

There are two methods to download Hotstar App in the US.

  1. Using Google Play Store
  2. Direct download through APK

We will provide you a complete step by step guideline for installing Hotstar App.

Using Google Play Store

  • Open Google Play Store on your required device.
  • In the search bar, search for “Hotstar App.”

You might get confused by the search results. There are a lot of fake apps on the Play Store that is using Hotstar’s name. So, select the App that has the Developer name “Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited.”

  • Select the App and Install it. Once you downloaded it, it will be available on your mobile.
  • Click on the App and provide your account details, and you are ready for full uninterrupted entertainment.
  • Now, enjoy your favorite shows within your comfort zone.

Direct download through APK

Users might face some technical issues while downloading the App from Play Store. But don’t worry! You can download Hotstar App directly through APK.

  • Just click on the link that is available for direct download. The file will be available in downloads.
  • Click on the file in order to start the installation process.
  • You need to provide permission to install it. For that, go into your Settings àSecurityàUnknown sourceàEnable it and click Ok.
  • Now, you can begin the Installation. Complete your installation process.
  • Now, the Hotstar App is available in your Apps.
  • Enter your account details and enjoy!




Five things to know about switching from cable to Hotstar


In the present era, technology has made our lives easier and far better. With the availability of fast internet, people do not have to sit at a specific place for entertainment.  Now, we are using smart devices, and we can get TV-related content in our smart devices.

About Hotstar:

Hotstaris the best option for your entertainment purpose of combining the Internet, TV, and smart devices. You can watch all your favorite TV serials, Movies, News and Sports through the Hotstar app.


Hotstar promo code for US Market:


Hotstar us promo code: BIG40, will get a 10% discount, and Two people can use the same Hotstar account at the same time in the US.


The idea of switching yourself from something that you own for a long time is not easy. A lot of questions may pop up in one’s mind. Here are some points that will make it easy for all of you to switch on a Hotstar subscription.

Multiple languages & channels availability on Hotstar US subscription

You can watch your favorite TV shows in almost nine different languages. The languages that Hotstar is providing are: English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, and Marathi.

It provides 22 popular channels, which include Hotstar Special, Like Ok, Dox Live, National Geographic, StarPlus, Star Gold, MMA, MMA gold, Star Sports, and much more.

Nonstop shows on Hotstar

Commercials can be annoying for everyone while watching their favorite show. Having a Hotstar US subscription means nonstop and commercial-free shows.

Hotstar US Subscription is cheaper as compare to other TV services.

Its annual subscription after discount is $44.99, and when you compare this price with other available options, you will see a big difference.

But wait! There is another plus option in Hotstar. Other TV services like Netflix and Amazon Prime do not provide live streaming channels. Hotstar app provides you a lot of live sports and news channels.

Hotstar is compatible with a lot of devices.

Hotstar supported almost every smart device that everyone is using nowadays, such as Android, Apple, Smart TV, personal laptops and android TV, etc.


Two devices can be connected at a time with one account. So, even you are not at your home, and you can still enjoy your favorite shows on your mobile or laptop.

User-friendly interface

Hotstar provides a straightforward interface that a person of any age can understand easily. Other than that, it will provide you a content related to your genre that you watch daily. It will provide fast and accurate results according to your search.